4L Harvest & Trucking
Family Owned and Operated


Clifford Lutkenhaus
1301 HCR 3110 N
Hillsboro, TX 76645

Owner: Clifford's Cell 940-641-0564
Driver: Michael's Cell 254-205-1695
Bookkeeper: Kathy's Cell 940-902-9219
Office Fax: 254-221-0454

21+ years- experience working on tractor/trailers.

24+ years experience working on farm and agricultural equipment.

12+ years experience working on light & heavy construction equipment:



Family Owned and Operated

This is a family owned and operated company. I began driving a truck, and working on them, right out of high school. I started a company that was based out of the Texas panhandle, from which my partner and I hauled heavy loads accross numerous states.

From there I moved back to my home town with the birth of my first daughter and continued to drive OTR.


I gave up driving when my second daughter was on her way and spent more time working on the big rigs and other farm/ag, and contstruction equipment. During the summers we spent our time following the harvest run. My trucks were then used to haul grains.

Somewhere in all that time, I put quite a few miles in hauling cattle, along with my cousin, Michael Lutkenhaus.


We have decided to put one of my trucks back on the road hauling cattle. My cousin, Michael Lutkenhaus, has numerous years of experience in driving a truck, hauling cattle, and has even worked in sale barns. He knows the in's and out's and will handle your cattle as a professional and get them where they need to be, when they need to be there.


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